Car Insurance company refusing to pay my claim - Any Ideas?

I am in Mexicali BC and after totaling my 2017 Toyota RAV4 which was paid in full and the title in my name.  I got them all of the documents they requested and I was told the claim was approved and they would be making a deposit to my bank account. I have Perm Residency and a valid Mexican license. Car was purchased and is registered in Mexico. They picked up the car just 1 week after the accident and I signed it over to them to be paid in full for the value of the car since it was declared total. However the car just rolled over off of the highway but there was no actual collision. The motor and transmission and all that was still working. It was still able to be started and possibly driven in the condition it was left in.

That was in late 2020 and before getting paid from them I was wrongfully accused and jailed for 2 years while fighting my case and have been acquitted

But now they are telling me that I took too long and they don't have to pay me anything anymore. Even though the claim was made within days of the accidents and I had been trying fruitlessly to contact them. How can they not pay me when they already have taken my car and the insurance premiums were paid for 3 years upfront?

I have  tried contacting lawyers here but they all want lots of money upfront and even just to get a consultation. Some tell me the  I believe a lot of them tell me they can help me just to get money from me. I don't want to pay lawyer fees  unless I am sure I can win a  settlement.

Any ideas or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

josh Bell