How is Uber working ?

So what has been your Uber experience in Mexico ?

Does your city have Uber?

In some places the taxistas are not very happy about Uber, and some city's have banned it out right at least for a time.

What has been your experience ?

UBER in Mexico City and Guadalajara are about 30% to 45%  less than a taxi for long rides. They have cleaner, nicer cars and easy to call on their Smart Phone app. Some taxis are junkers with bad suspensions and uncomfortable and crazy drivers. They recommend you turn on our GPS option on your Smart Phone so they can track you down when arriving. The first ride is free except for the 16% IVA tax.

Uber app wants a Mexican debit or credit card added to your account but you can pay with pesos if you like.

Good information Alleycat 1.

easy to call on their Smart Phone app

Be careful of the app, or at least review the permissions it asks for.
In downloading, you give them the right to ALL the information on your phone, that including any files you hold such as downloaded bank statements and any 'personal' pictures you might have on your phone.
Read the permissions and see if you want unknown people to have all that data.
You'll also note they ask for control of your camera, meaning they can access it at will, even as your wife is getting out of the shower.
I wouldn't put their app on my phone for a gold pig.

Even better information Fred. I don't have it and don't intend to, but I have noticed the issues generated from it. I also don't like an app trying to force it's product on me every time I turn my phone on.

First there was a man who drove for Uber who was arrested, and had his car impounded in Merida. I think that has since been fixed. Campeche was banning them, but I noticed the local Starbucks is passing out their cards so...?

My friend was told by the Uber driver that Uber wasn't paying taxes, so Merida was not happy. Probably the same problem in Campeche.

More recently Quintana Roo  seems to be having a Uber driven taxista, and friends revolt.

On the plus side taxis will probably become cheaper and more uniformly clean and safe. Many of the less nice taxis are actually independent not company owned. So you need to know what to look for

It's a fascinating development.

Terrible in Mazatlan and some other cities … -mazatlan/

Well, Uber is not in our little area  (La Peñita de Jaltemba) but note sure about Puerto Vallarta. Personnaly, I always use a regular taxi because you are sure they have the insurance about IVA that is another matter but you can be selective for a clean and good condition taxi.
Also, I sometimes use registered transportation to go or return to the airport  (licence plate ID).
I would not use Uber unless legalize and that there vehicule are identifiable.
Here is a link of a taxi company with all electric vehicules and company owned & maintained, drivers are well paid 15$/hr and with benefits and have good prices in Montreal.

Adios y buen dia, GyC.

2023 .. I have used Uber (ida) and taxis (vuelta)

for some 20-minute trips in Mexico City. I am in

the capital for my first-ever visit, having arrived

on Wednesday of this past week.

I went from my hotel to Frontón casino in a Uber

and found the return trip a couple hours later

by taxi cost virtually the same price, 185 pesos.

The next night I took Uber to a location on Av. Industrial

Militar. The taxista with whom I returned charged

100 pesos more than the Uber, perhaps because

it was after midnight and few taxis were about.

Taxis and Ubers I have used this week all seemed

to rely on GPS. CDMX is an enormous place and

GPS is a great aid. All the drivers got me where

I needed to go. Definitely have not only the address

of your 'destino' but also the name of the sector

where you're headed.

cccmedia in Ixtacalco, Mexico City

@Fred Hilarious!

Saving 50 percent with Uber.

A front-desk manager talked me into using the

hotel's 'taxi seguro' two nights ago on one of my

frequent nighttime runs to the casino near

Hipódromo de las Américas in Mexico City.

The driver pulled up in a smallish private car

and charged me 300 pesos for the 18-minute ride.

Last night, for the same route, I insisted on Uber

instead. The manager demurred. I told him

he's probably right that 'taxi seguro' is safe,

while saying I prefer to pay half the price,

150 pesos.

Both rides were fine. Both drivers used

GPS. Both trips seemed perfectly safe.

The only difference was the price.

cccmedia in Ixtacalco, Mexico City

Used Uber in Guadalajara multiple times now all went great. When I get my car worked on at the dealership I Uber to a nearby mall to waste some time.