Dc-Oaxaca-LA driving trip advice

I am wondering about a proposed driving trip from wash dc to Oaxaca beaches then up to LA

About me:

35yo American citizen male, solo

Driving 2008 Pontiac sedan

2 years living at Oaxaca playas before, with a week here and there in la Roma df, and a month in San Luis Potosí / real de catorce/ hitchhiking through the desert

Far from fluent Spanish, but enough to pick up key words and have small conversations, but not enough to seriously navigate anything delicate or intricate really

I've taken buses through slp, Oaxaca, through to tapachula and df and also several times rideshares with Mexican drivers

So here's my thing - cannot link my route pic but. It does seem to avoid some of the sketchier areas like west coast … my plan / idea is for the most RELAXED route possible. I have seen the “toll” highways on some other trips and they seemed very comparable to us highways replete with rest stops, fast food etc and have also seen Oaxaca backroads …

I plan/hope to pull over, sleep for a few hours at travel centers or well populated rest stops as much as possible, and possibly even find “truck stop” pay showers or

Even public showers as I would do while long hauling in the USA

Does this exist? Is this feasible for this route? Are there any stretches to avoid or re route to get better roads / conditions?

The Google map default

Has me going around to west side of df and then crossing at juarez. I swear first time I ran it it had me crossing at I think Agua prieta? Would it be worth it to go “out of my way” to cross here instead of Juarez?

I know I will need insurance. Any other tips? Will I really be bothered substantially by police? I've been through checkpoints on buses plenty and police never looked at me. I have decent Mexico experience and feel comfortable there but have obviously only been in a few pockets ..

Also when I took rideshares with Mexican citizens they drove through the night on main highways and I never questioned it. But I also know many others say never drive anywhere near dark. Is it okay to drive at night as long as it's on main/toll highways?

Any other tips or suggestions about how to make this route best, I'm all ears! Much prefer mindless ease over saving time or anything, so open to suggestion. Things I don't like: traffic, and being robbed at gunpoint.