The jobs that are the most in-demand for expats in Turkey


We invite you to share some information regarding the job market for expats in Turkey. This information will be incredibly helpful to anyone considering moving there, so we're very grateful for your contribution.

What are the types of jobs that are easily accessible to expats in Turkey?

What are the ones most in-demand for expats?

Which industry and/or jobs have limited workforce?

Are there any existing surveys, data, or reports done regarding this topic?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Whatever you want to do, work on your Turkish or get skilled at using Google Translate. Most people here 'do not' know English!!

Miss Priscilla
I still looking for this job in Turkey and I just in my job search phase
it's my first step
You need  accommodation and airplane ticket simply for me no visa that is why I choose to relocate here and better improve my life.
It would be on my pleasure to help others finding their jobs.

Turkish economy is getting worse and worse. If you have to earn your income in the local currency, you have a problem, the same as all Turkish have. Turkey has a very huge trade deficit, means they import much much more, than they export. Importing is is EUR or USD, and local currency lost so much in the last year. Inflation is high, getting a working permit is expensive. Wages are very low. Foreigners could work as teachers, nannies, in tourism industry during high season, if it improves. No income in winter though. You should know Turkish. Maybe in Istanbul or Ankara it's different, I just can talk for Akdeniz province.

Very confusing; how did Turkey manage to clear its IMF debt then?! … bt-2466274

Very easy: They have private credit givers. Have you ever heard of debt restructuring? Banks, fonds, foreign capital are credit givers. The total debts of Turkey developed from 72 billion Turkish Lira in the year 2000 to nearly 700 billion Turkish Lira in 2016. The same amount is debts from Turkish citizens and companies.

Thanks for the information; I found this... … st-growing -

Guess, you just read the headline. In the article is everything that needs to be said about Turkish economy.

By the way, I've been living in Turkey for several years, and if one knows the language and opens the eyes, one can see, what is happening. Many expats are leaving because of different reasons.

You should come to Turkey, not for vacations only, live here several periods and then decide to settle down here or not.

And learning Turkish is essential.

Actually, read the full article.

Ariyai, I think that you live in another planet. Turkish economy is very strong. Turkish industries and agricultural product cover almost all the nation's needs. I do not know from where you bring those false information, unless if you have political motives.

you are wrong

Debt is a major global issue; Turkey is not immune to it. however, the debt crises in Turkey is not as bad as in other countries; this is not to say that it is not a problem in Turkey; there have been some mega infrastructure projects completed in Turkey over the past decade; they did not come cheap; also heard that the level of health care and education offered to the public for free is not bad; hosting 3.5m refugees is not a simple matter; having borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran is extensively taxing; the serious and deadly recent coup attempt was not without a cost imposed...
Thought that the following links might be of interest: … blic-debt/ … ebt-to-gdp

It's really strange @FredCanadian, that you say, I'm wrong and you say I spread false information. Instead of you all, just reading newspapers, I LIVE in Turkey, and that for several years. It is wrong, that Turkey is providing its agricultural needs itself. That is past. Here is what Turkey imports for example:

Turkish bonds were downgraded to junk level BB+ in 2017 already by the 3 big rating agencies. Turkey has a huge trade deficit. For example one year ago the export increased by 2,6 percent to 11,3 billion USD. But, the imports increased by 16% to 15,6 billion USD. Just in January 2017. That time the trade deficit was increasing with 10,3 % to 4,3 billion USD. More numbers from 2017 here … try-125101
inflation 2017 by nearly 13% as I remember (and much more, if you just consider food)
unemployment rate by nearly 13% as well
What do you want to tell me? Come here and live here yourself. Infrastructure projects, nice: who pays them? People by taxes, for example, car tax up to 45% if you want to know. I just write here, what I have to pay myself here. Gas is on the same level like in Germany, but people do not earn even 1/3 of German income.
I couldn't survive here, if I had to work and earn Turkish Lira, I ask myself, like Turkish people do. Everyone has many credit cards, full until limit.

Well I've only been here a few months now..But i agree fully with @ariyai She pretty much summed it up.Economy isnt what it used to be ,to say the least. Jobs are plentifull if you wanna work for pennies. Mostly nannies or ESL teachers. I moved here after visiting the country 2 years ago. Big change since then. A failed cope and war involvement on top of piles of defficit made inflation sky rocket in Turkey. The country is spiraling down hill at warp speed. Good luck to you all. I will try to sell my stuff and go back to the US. if things dont start to look up soon.
I did work in Turkey for a private school affiliated with a US reputable university.I was the highest paid teacher @18TL. Per Hr. woohoooo..As i said chump change. So i kept a 2 hr. per week work schedule just to learn Turkish as i interact with students. My bread and butter comes from teaching English online for a Chinese school in Shanghai..Pay is decent @35$ Bux per 50minute class.I work 4 days a week delivering between 3 to 7 classes daily..and i do the turkish school on Tuesday. and play the rest of the time.

@Teacherfound - How do you maintain your working visa in this case? Is Turkey so open that anyone can get working visa there, even part-timers?

@ariyai - Some very interesting figures in the link below... … ernal_debt
It makes one wonders, will these debts ever be paid?
Or, will they have to be waived same as when it happened after WWII?
If yes, then how? If not, then back to the first question...

@neuromancer  They are quite liberal when it comes to visa..Once you have entered legally and have your signed lease on a home or bought a new house in Turkey. You get a 2year Extension simply by applying at the local INS. office. They issue you a residency card ..Which shows your health insurance has been paid. Then you renew it every 2 years if you choose to stay.As far as US citizens are concerned.This is what i have done/.Not aware if same policy is followed for the rest of the nationals residing here.One American told me to drive across the boarder into Bulgaria ,Greece or Georgia every 6 months to renew Visa. That was before I hired a Lawyer who informed me of other options.It is also easy 2get naturalized as a Turk here.But Unlike anyother country USA. doesnt allow for dual citizenship after you become an american.
FYI. You can buy anything here,from government officials to a Turkish passport.
If all else fails.

Very interesting indeed! No wonder some of my Turkish friends were complaining the other day that Turkey has become too open. However, it might be good to encourage investments to enter the country from overseas. It seems that it is true that Turkey is deep in the red: … t_position

Turks complain about everything.Lord help them.Economy is built on tourism.So yes u r right it'd be tremendous help to be open.My attorney said i can get citizenship with 1 million dollars investment.
Would you trade a US. or Aussie passport for a Turkish 1??

Do they do trade as well??

Trade ! as in commercial trade or what?

More interesting figures... … stdebt.htm … it_history

Please see that note in the article: Note that while a country may have a relatively large external debt (either in absolute or per capita terms) it could actually be a "net international creditor" if its external debt is less than the total of the external debt of other countries held by it. For example, although the UK has more external debt than France, it has more external assets giving it a stronger NIIP.

I don't know, how the debts will be waived or paid. I just know, that the only thing which is still working, is building sector, much subvented by the government.

We have following situation for example. A building company wants to build houses, but they lack of money for the cement. Commonly said, there's a lack of cash on the local market. What does the building company do? They pay with their real estate. They pay the current bill for x tons of cement, and in advance for the next construction. This is a matter of some 100thousends and millions of Lira.

Another thing is, that you can compare the situation to Spain or Greece with their real estate bubble, that exploded after some years. We're still waiting for it.

You get for your real estate the credit you want. So you buy a house for 500.000 TL, though it's worth only the half.

This is how it works here.

No one wants to prevent you from coming here and live here and see yourself. But take off your pink glasses. We were asked for advice for jobs in Turkey and we tell, what we see.

One worries more when the bubble in America ate up the pension funds in Australia; really, there is no pink or blue; it is a global crises and who knows where it will talk the world to...

Hi ariyai

I owe you an apology.
I got my information about Turkish economy from some Egyptians who are currently living in Turkey.
It seems that they do not know what they are talking about.
With my best regards.


@ariyai The bubble will eventually burst..I cant wait. In 2008 I made a fortune in the US. buying foreclosed homes from banks . Can i get so lucky one more time?.

Thanks for everybody for the valuable information.

Upon arrival to Turkey, it seems that there will be a "transitional" period during which someone will have to learn Turkish language and explore the options for work.
My question is: during this transitional period, is 500 US $  enough to cover monthly average living expenses (ie, food, transportation...) for a husband and wife alone? that is of course apart from apartment rental.


@Fred It will depend on the life style you live. 500bux is sufficient enough for a couple to survive and eat well for a month ,doesnt leave much room for play however.
1800 turkish lira is the equivilant to 500 bux US.
cant burn 420 daily or enjoy Patron margaritas but hey...Not everyone likes to do bad things.

Teacherfound. Thanx buddy. All the best.

@Fredcanadian You are quite welcome neighbor,.

no problem. Egyptians are mostly uncritically supporting the current Turkish government. This is what you've heard from them. It's not your fault.

An interesting article from home...

Turkey's economy on the up, but deep-rooted problems remain … -1.3345082

It was a few years ago when Turkey paid off the dept to IMF. However, the economy is currently going worse. There is uncertainty regarding economy and the future..

...all over the world...

Right: But did you know that all the gigantomaniac infrastructure projects are planned by foreign architects and engineers, paid from big foreign companies in advance, which increases the debt of Turkey? Did you know that people using the tunnels, bridges and highway pay in Turkish Lira and the costs increase year by year? Did you know, that the third bridge in Istanbul is just used by 10% of the cars, expected and calculated by the government?
Do you know, that there are problems between the central bank and president according to risen the interests? Do you know that only higher interests prevent the ongoing inflation? Did you know that these problems were already ongoing for years, if the credit interests have risen earlier, inflation could be slowed down or stopped? Every student in economy knows these things the way and every interested person.
I'm just asking questions. Again, I don't want you to prevent from living in Turkey, this is everyone's decision and that's not my business. So good luck to you, you'll really do good to stay a temporary period here, not breaking down the bridges to your home country, and see yourself and live yourself.

@Teacherfound - As you are eagerly awaiting the crash, thought that the article below might make your day :) … eance-1266

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