180 Day Visitor Visa: Which is my Visa Number?

I'm visiting Saudi on a 180 day multiple entry visa.

I have just bought a Saudi Virgin SIM for my mobile phone but the Virgin app requires me to register using my new phone number, email address and ID/IQAMA number before I can top up credit on the phone.

I can see a number of different numbers on my visa but none of them work. Where on the visa is my ID number that will work?

I bought the SIM at the Carrefour Virgin store in Riyadh and was fingerprinted. Any idea where on the visa the correct number is please?

none of the numbers on the visa will work as iqamah id is way different than ur visa #. i know that you can register with your passport but i only know that STc/mobily will do it for you at the stands/stores

I bought the SIM by showing my UK passport with visa. Would this make a difference? I have tried using my UK passport number as ID but still no go... :-(

If you try with Border number you can recharge your SIM. Thus number will be written on your VISA page on your passport by pencil or pen during immigration process. Its a ten digit number.

It's the number written by hand in arabic on top of your visa page - done first time when you enter the kingdom and go through fingerprinting / photo.   You can ask a colleague to translate it into English for you.  Using that number you can recharge.

Fantastic! Worked first time :-)

Many thanks!

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