Getting Harrassed by the Locals in Sosua...

OK,  My wife and I are coming to the D.R. and have heard a lot about  getting bothered by the locals for guiding, buying stuff, hookers etc. etc. 

Can someone comment on how bad this is in Sosua?  --- We have been to Montego Bay in Jamaica, where guys start walking with you where ever you go and won't leave you alone... They demand a sizeable tip when you leave, and then get quite angry if it's not enough....

This made us vow to never to return to Jamaica again, as it is just not worth it... You find yourself telling the guy that walks with you NO about a thousand times. You cannot concentrate on looking at anything the scenery, wildlife, shopping anything... The guy that is with you distracts from everything else.... A pretty miserable experience. They are relentless and will not give up... You run back to your hotel and never venture out again. I will never go back to Jamaica - I have even written the Government a letter explaining this.

Hey KDB guy would love to give you my honest opinion, but the best advice I can give you is to come experience it for yourself, read some of the threads, & report back to us after your vacation.  My experience might not necessarily be yours and yours might not be mine.  If you experience happens to be a good one, then please share; but If it is not so good, then post at your own risk since the feel good police might have something to say, lots of sensitive folks around here. PG13  Have fun, be safe and let us how it turned out :top:

Paradise - Stop with the wiseass comments. It's not needed!!!! You have an issue with the forums you are welcome to leave!

KDB  I experienced similar in Aruba. Soda is not like that at all in my experience. Yes their are vendors but a firm no or no gracias is usually enough to deter them.

And yes, come down and experience it for yourself!

ParadiseCat, I would love to hear your uncensored perspective as this is a concern of mine as well... thanks!



Suggest two forums, one called:. DR, with Rose-tinted glasses.   And another one:. DR. The Reality.

Then Colonel take care of it!   Why suggest and not follow through?   You and several others are big talk!

There is already a thread about the good stuff. Go find it. There is already a thread that is highly negative. Go find it!   

Rose colored glasses or Reality =  How about just reality and balance. It is not all negative and it is not all positive. I am sick of hearing all one side!   

Once again I am about ready to walk away from all of this if some of you keep up this crap!  You think this is easy then YOU DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bravo!!! Yes, reality does have but one face, unfortunately it has many asses. Good and bad are intertwined And shall be so always. We all can choose on which side to view it.

Really there are multiple realities because it is always based on your point of view. IF you see everything as negative then that is your reality.  BUT there is always another point of view.

I do my very best to be realistic. I see the good and the bad and I look for solutions.  Every once in a while, like most,  I need to vent.  So I do. But its not where I live. I dont live in constant negativity and often choose to remove myself from those who do.

I for one, think you do a brilliant job and offer excellent advice. I know it’s not always easy to rise above the negativity and criticism that washes around. Venting now and then is perfectly understandable. Don’t let the b*******s grind you down 😀

Goodness.  Just answer the question or not. 

KDB-Guy, having experienced the exact thing you mentioned in Jamaica I know what you mean and one trip was enough.

I've visited all over DR and no where are the people or vendors as persistent or relentless as I experienced in Montego Bay.

Will they ask?  Yes.  More than once?  Depends on the kind of response they get.  A firm, but friendly "no thank you" has always done the trick for me.  In Jamaica it did nothing but inspire anger.  Maybe it's just me, but I mostly avoid unwanted contact by shaking my head as I am approached.

Not an expat, but a frequent visitor of the country that spent 1 week in Sosua last year with 3 guys (now that's a story).  I didn't spend much time in town, but when I did the "ladies" tended to not approach whichever guy I was walking with even though they spent quite a bit of time in town at night without me and got to know several ladies quite well..

Planner, you going to keep the other groups secret?

Go look for it!   What am I your secretary?

If I am out  and going to be in one place I always give one of them 100 pesos and tell him to keep the others away if it bothers me.

Hahahaha great idea!

With my "Sonar Stick" and obvious poor vision, I am seldom approached by vendors who don't know me. Many offer (the ones I know) to guide me across the street. My vision is my only heath problem If someone bugs me a simple no thank you works. If not , a strong  Va carrajo pendejo works!   A smile does wonders. Welcome & enjoy your stay. Tis true of Jamaica.

OK...So now you are trying to control what I say :/ I thought this was a free forum where you can express yourself freely and honestly? Just like you said: it ain't for everyone! The same goes for my opinion....Some will like to hear it and others will not.
       I will reiterate.....If what I have shared saves someone the hassle of having a bad experience and end up doing what KDB did in Jamaica! Then Bravo! My post has served it's purpose. I never said anything negative in the first place, I simply shared some useful info presented by someone in a professional manner. You speak about balance, and I even went as far as posting 2 positive videos to show the gentleman meant no harm towards the island since he has more positive videos than negative. You then felt the need to start your own thread about the good things and no negative comments allowed, did I go over there and hijack your thread? Did I say something negative over there? Not at all! We are not always going to agree on many levels, but If your answer to controling the narrative is to shut me up! Then that is not cool, since there are folks who are interested in what you have to say, and what I have to say. As long as the info serves a purpose, then I do not see the problem with it. I think you are reading a bit too much into what I posted. Travellers will visit D.R. regardless of what we present on this forum, good or bad, but if we are going to inform, then let's give them the entire photo, not half....You presented your half, then let others post what they want to post. We should not censor the voice of others, since everyone is entitled to an opinion & that is all it opinion.  If I see something here which does not interest me, then I keep it moving, but I will never tell someone to leave...That is not a Democracy, it is more of a Dictatorship. Last I checked this was the expatblog, not the dictator'sblog......Now wether or not you will censor this, it remains to be seen.

First of all who said anything was targeted at you!!!  NO ONE shut you up!  I did what I needed to do to keep some balance! PERIOD.

This is a privately owned website and the owner has the right to set the rules.  I am  a moderator and I try to keep things on track! 

My intent and my aim is to keep it balanced.  Like or lump it, that is what I am doing.  Either you get on board or leave. Your choice!

I do not always agree with you but I will always respect an opinion expressed in a non confrontational way that does not attack anyone. No one attacked you.  I expressed my opinion about the VIDEO you posted. Simple.  You did not like that. 

Now lets carry on.

I respect the fact that you are the moderator, but it seems at times on this blog that if certain things do not fit the popular narrative, then sensibilities get ruffled. How is that being balanced :/ This is the 2nd time you have told me to leave if I do not get on board? What is exactly your board? Expressing opinions that only fit the popular narrative? Like I said before, not all opinions will be appreciated by all, and that is fine, but to label something as negative since it does fit the feel good narrative is disengenous.  If my memory serves me have posted some of your experiences regarding frustrating episodes you have encountered during your a day in the life D.R thread "closet boy" and his less than spectacular work ethics....remember that one? Why were you sharing that episode? Was it not to create awareness of what you might or might not encounter when hiring someone to work for you while living in D.R?  I read what you wrote on the thread and simply chalked it up as wisdom being shared.  I did not fuss or frown on what you wrote because it was your experience, the same way the gentlemen on that video shared their experiences.  We all can learn from others, but if you are going to tell those whose opinion differ from yours to leave, then how is that fair.  I have seen you do it with a few other posters on here & and as a moderator, your job is to moderate, not ask folks to leave if they do not get on "board"  whatever that means.  If you would care to elaborate on the "on board" then perhaps those of us who have a different view can decide wether or not it is worth it to contribute to the blog or not. The only sad part is that those who decide to come looking for info, will perhaps only get a narrow view of what is really going on. So on that note....enough said. You do you and I will do me. If someone does not like a post, no problem.....I welcome all opinions and I will not ask you to leave. Democracy over Autocracy. By the way tinker made a wise ass comment on there being two asses, how come you did no reprimand him on his comment :/ Nuff said we can all respectfully agree to dissagree. Each will see things through their own lenses & as long as we can respect that, I'm cool.

Planner, if there are what you call, "multiple realities", based on ones point of view, what do you call the reality of so many......mostly guys .....getting shaken down by cops?   Is your "point of view", to keep it secret?

Quick question planner? Do you plan to be in Sosua partying during Super Bowl weekend?  :/  because in reality that is who my post was targeting.  I have partied in Sosua, and hung out in Sosua.  On my very 1st trip to Sosua I had a blast, but I also had a mentor who schooled me on some of the things which the average traveller will not see with an untrained eye.  We have 2 different realities...I'm happy to hear that you don't experience to much negativity and try your best to stay away from it, but the reality is that many guys coming to Sosua, Boca Chica...etc tend to be prime targets for some not so savory shenanigans from locals and expats! Does that mean they should not come and enjoy Super Bowl weekend? Absolutely not! I hope all the fellows have a blast and fill up on wings and presidentes, but at the same time doing it safely.....So once again, if I hurt a few sensibilities along the way, then I apologize...that post was simply not for you. Fellows!.......Please come to D.R. & have fun! It is an amazing place and feel free to come back and share you stories.....good or bad. This post was for all my Sosua Super Bowl Crew! Party Hardy! :D

If you don't care for tomato soup, have cream of mushroom instead. As old Willy said "Much ado about nothing".   No one was told To Leave, a democratic option was presented, it was not a mandate. Lighten up folks, have a toddy or two & smile, .... smile. Reading all of this makes me giggle in the shadows waiting for the sun to shine on us all. Groby 57 come back, we need your clarity of thought.

I agree with you gypsy, 100% No hard feelings on my part....There will be times when will have to agree to dissagree, which is a part of life. May Peace and Love reign once again.....Even in the closest of families there are divergent views, but that does not mean we stop being family. :heart:

Wow, that was fun.
We don't get hassled. We get asked to buy stuff. We say no and keep walking. People try to hoodwink others everywhere.

Sosua has a lot of hookers. A lot of men go to Sosua to boink said hookers. Others go to meet at hookers. If you look like you might be interested, you might get approached. You are in a third world country. You might  get

Be aware. Beware. Treat people with respect. Don't be a loud mouthed, drunken, foolish tourist and you won't be held in contempt.

Still and all, the good out weights the bad. It is a third world country. It ain't Disney. It ain't Miami.  It ain't 5 stars. But it is beautiful.

Amen! ChristieE. Here is to Fun, Sun, and Some! Cheers! :cool:

Thank you. Please use a Capital G in Gypsy in the future.

You got it Gypsy....My bad.

Thanks.  There is a vast difference between ignorance & stupidity. No sin in ignorance, just means someone doesn't know something. Stupid is not giving a sh*t about knowing anything, and you ain't stupid. Carry on Arnold, carry on.

And my meet at hookers line was supposed to be LEER at hookers. You be leering at the ladies, someone is going to think you are shopping. 😂

Re hookers grabbing you, here's two things that work:. yell..Coño, suéltame!........or, grab their ass or tits.

Yes Colonel those will both work!   And you have to say the words with lots of  volume and attitude!  Not sure I recommend grabbing anyone but whatever works for you!

Nothing wrong with window shopping, no obligation to buy.  When bothered by them I say 100 peso for all night & they  always say no & say the price they want. Then you say no & they tell the others that you are crazy.  Normally I just say no, my wife is very jealous.   Instead, a serious yet polite no is the best way. Never let them touch you, too easy to plant drugs on you. There are many sites that will tell you how to be safe with them while you dally. Ladies, the same applies to you when a good looking young man approaches you.  We are all actors in some sense, but the locals can be Oscar winners.  I know, I was briefly married to one.

Hello KDB!

I just got back from Sosua. I was there with my best friend (a guy) from Jan 12th to the 19th. I'll try to give you our experience as non biased as possible. Also, this was my 2nd time in Sosua.

First of all, my best friend wanted to leave early because he couldn't stand it anymore whereas myself, on the last day I was crying all the way from the apartment to the airport because I did not want to leave.

I saw it every day when we walked through the Sosua beach to get to downtown, my friend had to say no over 20 times to vendors trying to get him to sit in their chairs and pay. But they weren't as persistent as what you mentioned. If you told them you'd be back or honestly that you are heading somewhere else, they eventually give up. It is not that bad.

For the working girls, there was not a single time that I saw any girl hit on my friend unless he initiated. They will smile at you but If you don't make a move, they won't either. But If you do initiate, don't waste their time. As a girl to be honest, I had a great time laughing, chatting or even dancing with the girls there. Working or not, they are sweet to everyone. But If you initiate business, take it serious. It is very open there, girls lined up in short dresses or walking back and forth a street to get customers. Don't judge. Just do your own thing my friend! I'm sure you and wifey have a lot of drinks to try and places to see yourself!

There is another time I can think of where a guy wouldn't leave my friend alone until my friend buys his bracelet. My friend being too nice gave in whereas If it were to me, I would have made sure to not buy from him especially. That was the only incident I can think of where we were uncomfortable. But imagine, this is 20 minutes out of our whole week of making friends, dancing, meeting other tourists, trying excursions, exploring, swimming and tanning so I cannot complain at all.

So from my experience from just 3 weeks ago, you'll have a great time! Do what I did and not what my friend did. If you need to be firm- be firm. Say no and keep moving! If somebody is going out of their way to make you uncomfortable- they deserve that treatment unfortunately. They were times, when I'd even joke around with them. For example, point behind them and pretend to run away the other direction. It loses the tension a bit. Make the best of it. Have fun. Laugh and make others laugh. Don't worry too much. And definitely try some Mamajuana

Have a safe trip!

Good for you! Glad you had a good time. I cry every time I leave too.

Thank you! Haha I thought it was only me. As soon as I return, I plan the next trip because I miss it so much. It is hard to come back to a cold winter and my long 12 hour shifts. I miss the music playing out of stores and laid back lifestyle of sipping rum by the beach. And in general, how happy and social people are.

But I'm in the process of moving there, I can't wait! I'll make much less but you know what, when you are happy nothing else matters. I am very confused with the visa process from Canada. If there is someone who moved there from Canada, please do message me. I am unsure which visa I need and I have a few more questions...

Thank you kindly! I'll keep researching in the meantime.

If more people had your mindset & attitude, there would be many more happy memories going back to their homes. You are a great emissary for the island. Thank you.

Aww, that's so sweet of you to say! Let's make sure we all grab a beer when I get there! I'll keep you guys updated on my process :)

it's all about what works for you! Glad you found your paradise.

Message me for help on residency, that is what you need. Go read the thread on residency as well for help.

I agree with you, Coronel.

A question for the ladies in this forum, how to be harassed by women from the  USA, Canada, Uk, there is a lot of o women from those countries coming here, I saw them when I visited Sosua when women get crazies for the men more black than me.  How they do that. Not only the older ones also the younger ones get crazies for them. Also,  they get paid, no money no cake. How you get a pretty lady and highly educated, pay for you and also pay for caking with you. That is the question? also, I need help with the grammar.

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