Does anyone have 1st hand knowledge of teaching English in Medellin?

I'm a former teacher with experience teaching English Language Learners from Latin america.
I'll be there next week and wanted to investigate English Schools.
Any insight would be appreciated.

Greg from Austin

There are many institutes teaching english, the oldest one is Centro Colombo Americano, a US Governent institution which also has the best english library in Medellin.
There are three or four fully bilingual high schools.
Also, there are hundreds of foreigners teaching english.
So, if you want to teach english here, what is you advantage?

You ask my credentials. I taught or was an administrator for 20 years. I taught ESL for 5 of those years. I have an M.A. in Spanish and my students here say my Spanish gets better the longer the day goes on. I am seeking a job teaching English in Cali, Colombia? I will be retired when I arrive and once I get a few nibbles I will start expanding my search. My retirement is about 6 and a half million pesos monthly. Thank you.

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