Hello all

I've been in Bahrain for about 2 years. It's a lovely country but i will not lie i'm homesick a lot. I've been teaching for the past 2 years but my main education focused around social work. Does any one know if there are any social work jobs in the country? I know there's volunteer work but i need something that also pays.

Thank you

This part of the world is quite behind in terms of the social work related professions. Most of the jobs of this nature are in the government or government affiliated sectors with preference given to nationals and / or Arabic speakers. Very few NGOs and the positions are generally not that well paid.

You might want to utilise the education to look at international organizations such as WFP, WB etc which focus on human development programs and the like - Not fully social work but closer to your degree vs. teaching.

Thanks so much for the advice :)

Take care

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