New members of the South Africa forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the South Africa forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in South Africa if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello everyone!

Board Concierge prides itself as South Africa’s first black woman owned premium concierge service provider. We provide an unparalleled customer experience for expatriates visiting our diverse country. Your transition into our unique and culturally rich country matters to us, which is why we aim to provide an unparalleled customer service tailored to your needs. At Board Concierge we are devoted to helping you adjust seamlessly through providing efficient and effective support. Our customised experience will provide a strong and lasting connection to our brand as well as to the country - leaving you with a positive impression on your stay. You tell us what you need and we make it happen. Board Concierge is at your service.

I would like to have contacts of wholesalers of hair in Maputo

Hi y'all,my name is Josiah and I am a live sound engineer looking to move into Cape Town in the next 2 or 3 months.  I am Kenyan  and I will be moving alone, no family, kids...just me! Please give me tips on private message.  I hope to meet amazing people.

Hey everybody!

This is Mike from Mexico. I'll hopefully be moving to Cape Town in Aug-Sept this year. I'll be working for a company in Century City, but I'm also a bass player and have some background in audio recording and post-production (As a hobby, only). Anyway, I'll be looking forward to meeting colleagues (Hey there! JosiahHolo), and making new friends.

Rock on!! lml


Hi, I am senthil from INDIA, relocated to Johannesburg last year and Looking for the Job in the Field Oil and Gas and Metal and Mining as Piping Designer.

My name is David.
I am looking at an opportunity at living and working in Johannesburg.
Work would be near Wadeville.
Where would be practical and a nice place to live?

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If you don't want to live in Wadeville itself, Alberton is a good area, with some lock-up-and-go secure housing complexes.  Approx 15 mins from Wadeville.

My name is Alan from Mozambique Tete Province and l am a very experienced Catering Manager . I will looking forward on working in South Africa and Prepared to move as as soon as I get a chance .

Hi I am Delwin from JHB, I am looking to move to Singapore or Dubai and continue working in the IT industry (currently a Senior Infrastructure Administrator).

I want to take on a new adventure and experience other countries nonsense for once :D

Hi Byakugan and welcome to the forum   :)

Hi everyone,
I am moved to Johannesburg, employed, and I am looking forward to participate in any kind of activities. 
I am originally from, Egypt Cairo, speaking Arabic and English.

Hi there

I'm a Turkish born citizen planning to relocate to South Africa. However i would like secure employent. I have an associate degree in Justice as well as Public Administration. I have experience as administrator support, quality assuring at manufacturing company and accounting.

If anyone is looking to employ a hardworking individual you can contact me on **

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For security reasons please do not post any contact details here on the open forum.
If you are seeking work, check the jobs section, top of this page. You can also place your CV there too for free,

Hello everyone! I'm 25 living in Cape Town. Well, Paarl actually. I have been dating a Greek South African for the past two and a half years and I'm looking into getting my Life Partner Permit at the moment. Hopefully all will go well and I'll be able to stay here even longer (although I've already been here since 2014 on various visas)!

Anyways, I own a small business I founded in October 2017. I'm a content creator, graphic designer, and social media coordinator. It's awesome having a job that I can pack up and take with me wherever I go!

Jerry and Theresa here.  We currently live in Napa Valley, California.  We're 55 year average white couple getting ready to retire.  We have our eye on Fish Hoek or somewhere nearby.  Time frame to complete move- 3 years.

I'd like more information on Board Concierg.


I am an engineer/yoga teacher planning to move to Cape Town,SA.

I don't have any local contacts or job offers. I am confused about what visa category should i choose. I am Indian passport holder, currently residing in India.

Looking forward to any help and advice I can receive.

The yonderly anon.

Critical skills visa

Thank you for the add. My name is Ellen Campbell and I have never been out of the USA.   Looking for a business partners to build a wonderful relationship of wealth.  You see, I smokes fish and helps feed our people.  Any ideas, thoughts, or
Interested person are welcome.  You will need investment funds$.   Sincerely yours Ellen

Hey, I'm Avinash. Just came to Johannesburg and wondering what are some nice places to visit

how should I join ?

where can i post my CV for free ? I am looking to find a job in cape town .

Good morning
I am new here.
I want just some information about the diplomas evaluation by SAQA in order to have a work permit.

Hello all and welcome to the forum,

This thread is here for you to present yourself and get to know each other better through different experiences.

Hence, @mahnaz1976 you can post your CV in the Jobs in South Africa section if you are looking for a job and @Samirdjell it would be nice if you could introduce yourself to the other members and if you are seeking more information do not hesitate to create a new discussion  :top:


Alexia Team

Testing this out.

Hi Reese How are you doing?

I am good. Still back home but preparing my things for the big move next year.

hello all
I am mahnaz , and will be there in cape town in  12 January .
will be glad to help me there , and give me some information about security , finding job and somewhere to rent where it is safe , how to join the expat communities , ...

thanks all

Hi Reese nice
Me I am waiting for the next year
I am still waiting for the dox for my work permit

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hola Mike,
como estas?
como esta south africa?...

soy de victor...
estoy nuevo a southafrica

victor pal :

soy de victor...
estoy nuevo a southafrica

Please use English on this section of the forum

Hi, I am liking this place much.

I heard a lot of stories before coming here but this place is awesome. In love with people and culture here.

I made some videos here to show that place is real cool. please share


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