Looking to meet Filipinos living in Jhb and SA 🇿🇦

Hi would like to chat to chat to Filipinos  Living in SA please

Hi aidan19,

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Can you please introduce yourself to the community?
In this way you might be able to make new acquaintances soon too.
Any reasons why you are looking to connect with filipinos only?


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As mentioned  I  would like to chat to chat to Filipinos  Living in SA please

I'm based in Johannesburg  and work in the lighting industry

I'm iridd at h by birth and have tree as gelled extensively
Many thanks

Typo above ☝🏼

I'm Irish by birth   :)

😀You asked a honest question
So the honest answer is I prefer meeting Asian Ladies including those of Indian backgrounds

Simple as that 😊

Many thanks

Hi aidan,im a filipina but im living in durban,did you manage to find filipina living in jhb?

Many thanks for response Einj ,

No response to date ,  so I'm really looking for info as to how you have settled in SA and the visa / immigration procedures were for you Etc please ?
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Hi aidan ,i sent you a message,regarding to your question😊hope it will help

Yes and thank you very much  I did
I assume you are married to a South African 🤔
A question please
If I gave you my partners number a fellow Filipino of yours   would you mind please  to chat to her please ?

Her name is Aiza Alvarado and she currently is working in Hong Kong 🇭🇰

Many thanks in advance
Kind regards

Yes,sure,ill search her on fb

ha, no one can be kinder than you.

Hello po! I just got here in JB. Where u at?

Hello 👋 I'm based in Rivonia Sandton
Where do you come from

Hello everyonr im new here i want to make friends
Hello 👋 and Welcome from Aidan & Aiza

Hi. Im Jaf living in JHB , where exactly are you ?

Hello silenthill1994,

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