Port Elizabeth

Is anyone currently living/ has lived in the Port Elizabeth area?
I really like the look of what I have heard so far but would rather have the view of someone on the ground!

I lived there for 5 years in PE it is very windy and very dry the people are friendly but I must say I did not enjoy my stay there!

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Thanks for your reply.

What was it that made you not enjoy your time there? Any recommendations instead?

Port Elizabeth was mainly the motor industry and related companies affiliated to the motor industry and in recent years the industry has taken a knock I worked for a affiliated company...the weather was a bit much, and the wind and then long periods without rain almost semi desert lots of very poor people and drugs are rife in some arears this is just my opion...I am in now living in Durban which is my home town but we moving to Canada next year!

Hi there. I lived in Port Elizabeth for two years and it was by far the best city I have lived in. Great restaurants, so many great neighborhoods each with its own unique character, friendly people and so many great small towns surrounding it to explore over weekends. I never had a boring weekend during my time there!! I lived in humewood had a two bedroom flat facing the beach with a balcony and fully furnished. I paid R3500 for that. That was 2007, so I am sure prices have changed a lot. Permanent jobs for foreigners are indeed hard to come by but I found plenty of freelancing opportunities. I would move there again in a heart beat.

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Nice for sharing your living experience in Port Elizabeth.



Were you working in PE or studying? I also lived in Humewood for 4 - 5 years. Best times of my life.
Ive been to alot of places around the world but nothing came close to the experiences i had in PE, well.. ok CapeTown probably beats PE any day, and then next best city for me would be San Francisco, OC and Miami. But PE is within that  category,

It is a small, vibrant, friendly, warm and friendly city. You get used to it pretty quickly, except the weather* but definitely the people.
I am now working in Dar es salaam, my hometown, but i intend to move to PE to settle down some day and operate a business at both ends.  We own some real estate and beach properties in Tanzania.

Real Estate in SA in general is pretty cheap, and i lived at an apartment that was sea facingm beachfront 3 bedroom, fully furnished and modern for just 800usd/month. The same apartment in Dar es salaam would cost you about 3000usd because of its standard and prime position on the beach front :)