Looking for a friend to visit in South Africa

Hi ..Everyone...

I'm Denis, from Ghana planning to visit SA in two weeks from now..... I've always wanted to visit one beautiful city at a time and take time to explore the details with some one, who knows the nice spots and would love to show me around... I will be visiting for just a week so I'm open to staying in a city I find, with someone interesting.. so I would appreciate if any kind person will host/tour with me...

Hi DenisDash,

You could also post advert under the Travel partners in South Africa section to help spread the word amongst the community.

Have a nice trip


Thank you very much Chris

I.m available.I will rake u around.Visit the hills of
Mbombela Mpakeni  and back to the hotel especially when u are at Nelspruit

Thank you very much ...It will be nice to have someone tour with.. I will be in Cape town