Looking for lost relatives

Hi I'm Danielle Botha 17 years old from Ladysmith,KwaZulu-Natal South Africa. I am looking for my mothers relatives or descendants from a man by the name of Louis Henny Botha. Whose family moved from Muden in KwaZulu-Natal to stanger in the year 1948. They moved because Lewis had impregnated a black girl,who later gave birth to my grandfather Fanyanya Walter Botha. I am looking for any family relative or descendants of Louis Henny Botha to contact me. My contact details are Cell: 076 182 5359 Email:[email protected] Facebook: Define'Me Luu Elle twitter:@I_BeThat_Nerd Bbm pin:28577398

Hello Danielle Botha.

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The Looking for section (Missing people) in the South Africa classifieds could help. You should post an advert there.

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