Trying to find a way of helping my staff from the DRC , living in Cape

I have a company called Fabuland manufacturing Pty ltd ( I have opened my door to people from the DRC, Malawi, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Angola. Over a period of 13yrs, I see how life has changed and become extremely hard for my staff, which I adore. I love then dearly, they are such good , honest, hard working people. I would like to expand into Africa, whereby my staff can benefit through my company's growth, because they have growing families and need to earn more. This can only happen if my company grows. I need help in the form of contacts reliable contacts in the DRC.I am also wishing in the near future to set up a factory in the DRC and take my wonderful staff with me.

Hi Alexis Serra,

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Can you please be more specific.. and maybe more accurate with your questions ?

Thank you

Expat-blog Team,Maximilien. I manufacture Bullet Proof Vests and African fashion. My company has become a safe haven of employment to expats from the DRC, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Rwanda etc, In order for my  business to grow, and employ more expats ( especially from the DRC )  I am looking for business connections ( people ) in Africa that can assist to grow and expand my market of products, Please feel free to visit my website : . You are welcome to contact me: Email [email protected]  Kind Regards Alexis

Hello Alexis Serra.

I would suggest you to post an advert in the Business partners classifieds in South Africa section. It might help.


Karen :)

Thank so much Karen, take care. I live in Cape Town and starteed my business as a home industry,many years ago. I love what I created, but even more, I love my staff, its wonderful to have diffent people from all walks of life and different cultural back grounds in my company. What a creative forec we are.Blessings , take care and thanks  for your recommendation.Stay in touch. Blessing .........Alexis