DATA FLOW process w/ license already

Hows your renewal? Do you have working gap before applying for renewal? Because that is my case. I have working gap and my application for renewal was rejected

Hi maam
May I ask if you already done your application for your data flow? And how could I get my eligibility no since I have already my Saudi council since 2013.
Thank you in advance

Done already the dataflow.. now you can make or process your dataflow without eligibility.. the scfhs remove it. So you dont need to have a eligibilty no..go to the websites of dataflow and click scfhs

How is ur renewal?

May i know also how to acquire an eligibility number pls?

Hi mam, i already received my PSV report, the result is discrepancy because of the hospital i used to work gave me a bad feed back and told that my COE is not genuine and told that i was terminated on May 2018, but the truth is i resigned on June 19 ,2018 and they terminated me on June 22, 2018 for some reason. Is there any possibility that i received stop work and be in blacklisted? or any other way to resolve this issue and get a positive result ? Thank you.

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