applying tourist visa as you wait for fiancee permit to be granted name is zipporah from kenya.i did apply for fiancée permit to Norway here in kenya today,but I didn't know it would take upto 3 of the people told me that I can apply for a c visa/short go and visit my fiancée as I wait for the permit.
is that possible,to have two on going processes at the UDI?
and what happens if the permit is granted while am in I have to go back home to pick it?

My sister’s experience: couldn’t apply for C visa after applying for fiancee visa.

My sons family immigration application got denied and we appealed then applied for visit visa for him as we waited for appeal decision. The visit visa was granted.
If ur family visa is granted while in norway you just make appt with police there. You can only try and hope for the best. Goodluck.

Hi Zippie....I know a kenyan girl that applied for fiancee visa last year and while waiting for fiancee visa she applied for visit visa. Both got denied. Situations are different though...

And what was the reason for denial?

HI everyone,
                        I would like to ask a few questions. First My girl (Norwegian) and I are planing to get married. we both live in Norway. I ( Guy/Applicant) live in Norway as a student( student permit. My question is after we get married can i get Financial support for studies from Lanakassen before the decision of My family immigration permit is made? secondly can i have access to free language course before the decision of family resident is decided ? > look forward to receive reply .

Hello friends
Hope all of you is doing good.
Im going to apply for a fiancee visa this month
I need to know what papers I will need .also does the papers of my fiancee has to be original or he can send them via email and I print them

Thank you

Hello where are you applying from. Some documents original is needed. Others copies can do. Also where you submit from matters.

Eve Live thank you for your reply .I am going to apply from morocco .Im from morocco and my fiancee is in Norway .what the papers I will need ?

Thank you … k-11821182 Hello here is a link from udi page about requirements for fiance visa. You need to document your relationship and engagement and plan to marry in Norway within 6months . Then your fiance must meet income requirement and have a home where you shall live

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