Moving Anxiety

Hi everyone. Let me tell you my story. I’m from the US and my fiancé is from Spain. We have an approved fiancée visa (known as K1) so he can move with me (the visa expires in 2 months). Recently, his company (he is an engineer) offered him a good increase and an job offer for me in his company(in the same field in working right now in the US). We have saving to start our lives in both country and we both speak both English and Spain. We both are close to our families; probably I’m more than him. I work here in the US and I can support him until he finds a job. In my area, we don’t think he’ll have lot of problems

So this choice on where to leave together (either in Spain or the US) has left us in an analysis paralysis that is taking too long. It’s really breaking my heart and I get anxiety about making the “wrong” decision.

I started waking up in the middle of the night with my heart racing for no apparent reason.  So many days I can’t sleep at night. I am feeling a lot of anxiety about this, not that I don't want it (we are absolutely committed to be together).... just fear of the unknown I guess. I didn’t have these feelings until we knew about the increase and the job offer.

Thoughts and ideas please.

A decision is only wrong if you stick to it too long!
Both countries have pros and cons and both are certainly worth living in. So why don't you make an agreement: A few years in his and then a few years in your culture (or the other way round). Then the decision might be easier!

I'd go with the move, but that's just me.
Communications are easy between the two countries (Hangouts lets you call a lot of the US for free and WA or Skype means video calls are easy) and you get a serious life experience when living in a new place.

On a 'reality' side, he's unlikely to get pregnant and have to make the choice of leaving leaving work or not after maternity.

Get wild and go for the move.

Spain future is more peaceful,

and yeah,  calm down and be optimistic, avoid negative ideas, what you believe is what you get, so think in what you think, conrol your thoughts, stay positive..  This is the best way to get ride of your anxiety.

Good luck.

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