Do and don't in El Salvador

Are you living in El Salvador? We need you to share your experience of the local customs :)

Is it difficult to adjust to the local customs in El Salvador?

Could you please share with us a list of the do's and don't's in El Salvador?


Do always greet people with Buenos Dias, Buenas Tardes, Buenas Noches.

DO NOT refer to El Salvador as Salvador, El Sal or any variation.  It's El Salvador.

DO NOT speak of anti-religious ideas.  People are calm and friendly but many have strong christian faith (not so much catholic anymore).

Do NOT walk into a church with your hat on!  Take it off!

DO NOT walk outside after 8PM alone.

DO NOT carry valuables onto the microbuses, buses or other transportation.

Do use a taxi when leaving the airport if you don't have your own care.

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I am an expat living here, and I documented the entire process.

DO always stand up and shake hands when being introuced to people.

DO NOT become offended if locals give you a funny nickname once they get to know you...mine are Pato..Duck and Donald Trump!

If you use public buses DO profile people, sit next to elderly persons, students, women with children, persons carrying Bibles

DO NOT enter into religious nor political conversations in public, especially with strangers

DO NOT invite strangers to your home or lodging place, especially persons you have met in Bars or Clubs!!

If service is poor in one plae you DO have teh right to walk out and look for another place to shop

DO make friends with your neighbors, introduce yourself.


Do not show tattoos if you have any, till you know the area or place where you stay.

Do not use loose clothing, people could think you are a gangster or someone related.

Do not make any transaction with your credit card by internet.

Do not trust anyone, you better to follow someone's close advice.

You see, there are too much more DON'T THAN DO..