Getting married in El Salvador

Hi all,

We invite all the ones who got married in El Salvador or who are about to get married in El Salvador to participate in this thread :)

What are the formalities to get married in El Salvador? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners of for a mixed couple (between a foreigner and a native of El Salvador)?

Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities?

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Good day!!
I am coming in El Salvador by the month of June, my El Salvadorian fiancee and I are planning to get married there, I am from the Philippines. Can you please give me the details or procedures in getting married there??Is it difficult?
Thank you very much!!

Hey Hello, I am from El Salvador. can I still help you?

@ JarturoRH > Just to inform you that the post of the member jeidabeth is from 2012.

However, if you still have some information about getting married in El Salvador, it would be great if you can share it with us on this thread. Other members can benefit from them. :)

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I would like to marry my fiancé who is actually back in El Salvador. I am an American how can I make this happen