Hello ,

My name is Kadmiel I am currently living in El salvador ith my wife and I am haveing a wonderful time traveling and writing all about central and south america. The life of an expat is not easy but it is worth the little extra work to live a life outside your own and have the opportunity to get involved in things you can only dream.. I just wanted to say hello to every one today

Welcome on expat board kadmiel!


I too am living in El Salvador.  My loved one was deported and I followed.  I have been here for a little while now, and things are taking off slowly but surely!

For anyone who is coming to El Salvador... I maintain a blog on the entire moving, paperwork, cultural differences, etc.


El Salvador is beautiful if your willing to open your mind and your heart.

My name is Walt I have a restaurant in San Salvador near the Galeria Mall called Mango's tel 223-0050. My cousin Edward is the manager my wife is there too but she is home for Christmas will be back Jan 6 her name is Diana hope all expat will stop by.

                                 Thanks Walt