Spanish Class

Does anyone know any school that offers Spanish Class for foreigners?

Hi Lari,
There arenŽt that many Spanish schools in El Salvador, I am sorry to say. I found one for my friend that had private classes in San Salvador and also Santa Ana but it was quite expensive, like aroun $20 an hour.
You are much better off going to Antigua Guatemala where you will be paying a lot less for very good classes. There are about 70 schools there and they provide home stays and I think it costs about $120 to $150 per week of private classes.

Recommend you visit each and every school in person and talk to other current or former students in private regarding quality of instruction.

Proper Castillian Spanish taught in all schools. Street and slang Spanish in El Salvador, very different, live with locals at first and learn some slang as well!!!!!!!
Helpful in remote areas.