5 good reasons for living in El Salvador


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in El Salvador, what would be your top 5?

Thanks in advance for participating,


We love Central America. Lived in Honduras for two years, teaching English. Want to go back soon!!!

There are many reasons I like living in El Salvador,my top 5 would be:
1.Cost of living.
2.The wonderful people.
3.Warm climate.
4.Lots of beautiful beaches.
5.Many places of interest to visit, many things to do and see.

best surf, hot women, fun motorcycling,great people, and #5 best place to invest and work and live and eat clean food

Hi señor,

My name is Trent and I am thinking of visiting and perhaps buying a home in the playa el pimental area. Do you know this area well? Is it a safe area? Thnx for your time.