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About El Salvador

Whether you love historical sites, getting lost in nature, or being on the beach, there's something to keep you entertained in El Salvador. There are ancient Mayan ruins, colonial towns, and the National Palace to please the history buff in you. To become 'one with nature', explore one of the national parks, or hike through the forests.

Along the coast the weather is tropical, and inland is temperate. The average temperatures don't vary much by season, with April temperatures averaging around 26°C and December just slightly cooler.

El Salvador's position along a strip of land which is known as the Ring of Fire (where two tectonic plates frequently collide) is the reason for the creation over thousands of years of 20 volcanoes ' five of which are active.

El Salvador's economic growth has been relatively slow, but it is showing signs of improvement. As the USA has been working with El Salvador to improve its economy and reduce poverty, there are many opportunities for expats who work in the development field.

Quick Information

Official Languages : Spanish; Castilian
Currency : Dollar
Area : 21040 Km2
Population : 6052064
Calling Code : +503
Timezone : America/El_Salvador

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