Hi ~ I'm trying to find out the laws for US citizens moving to El Salvador; not having any luck.  I don't want to just go there and then go in-and-out of the country every three months for a new stamp - that was fine when I was 30, but not now! I'm looking for residencia information, how to move there legally and not have to worry about going out of country and getting back in.  My sister has lived there since 1969 and we want to retire together; I've been there twice (1980 and 2009) and love it.  Anybody with any information at all, please advise!  Gracias ~

I am a long term resident ex pat residing in El Salvador. Able to help you. Off forum. Please contact me by E mail.
centralamericatraveltips at

Would prefer you arrive here in person at some point, I don't do research nor do my El Salvadorian associates do your tramite by " e mail" or "forums"

Have your Birth Certificate and Police Report (from where you hve resided last 2 years APOSTILLE by the Dept. of State/Registry in the State or Provicinal Capital in which you were born and by your local Police dept.

This is for your Temporary Residency. You must reside 5 years in El Salvador for full rsidency. Two years if married to a Salvadorian Citizen. not easy.

Not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!!!!!!

I am a sarcastic old timer ex pat, so if you are too 'pc' or have no sense of humor, please do not contact me.

¿se habla español? ¿a cual nivel?

¿sabes lo que se necisita seguro social ó pension desde su pais de origen $1,000 USD minimo por persona par seas Rentista? (retired person), no se puede trabajar legalmente como Rentista.

D. Bloom.

.this my introduction for your site. There are "good, bad and ugly" 'ex pat' sites up on Web..yours seems to fit in the GOOD category.

El Salvador & also neighboring Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua are far "off the beaten path" vis a vis Europe and parts of Asia, these countries not yet a Costa Rica, Panama or
Ecuador type of place to relocate, there are no "gated communities"
solely for Ex Pats here, mst all Ex Pats live among locals, many Ex
Pats have bi lingual, dual citizen Salvadorian/American/Canadian
spouses they met in USA, Canada or the EU. Some arrivals were even born and raised
abroad by 1 or both Salvadorian parents and have returned for one
reason or ties very strong throughout Latin America.

El Salvadorians live and work all over the world, therefore Ex Pats here
are far more integrated into real society than places with large  Ex
Pat "colonies..actually 'gringo' ghettos", such as those that exist in the gated communties
for foreigners in say, Mexico or Costa Rica, Panama also getting popular and more expensive.

Estimate maybe 2,000 "Ex Pats" here, many with Ranchos or Beach Houses
they have purchased or built themselves..also Ex Pats own or rent some fine haciendas in
the countryside....

There exists a 'Relocation Company and Realtor' here in San
Salvador that caters to newbies who do not speak Spanish, this outfit gouges and
overcharges clients, I will not now nor ever refer you to them. I will refer
you only to individuals I know and trust. I will be honest and if I mentor you will assist you to avoid Internet Relocation, Residency, Real Estate and Work Permit schemes.

I am a giver, I am giving back (although most of the services I and my local and/or regional associates provide is not free, beyond advices and some very limited research) Ex Pats, locals and long term travelers helped me out in a pinch
many years ago and vice versa, I left the USA many years before there were even pubilc faxes in this region, of course, no Internet, Cell Phones nor Cybercafes expensive and not common until well into the late 1990s, early 2000s.

Contact me via this site for my contact information, if I cannot assist you I shall try and find someone sincere in this region who is able. I reside here, locals know and trust me, I am integrated into society on all social levels, know thoroughly the culture and customs and do's and dont's from 24+ years of experience, yes, I made all the mistakes and then some after I relocated, I am neither a 'guru', nor 'expert', nor 'goodie two shoes', nor do I shill for any Real Estate speculators nor am I a relocation "Coach", merely a mentor and consultant, guide and intrpreter if you wish to take me on, you dcide after we get to know one another, I speak Spanish, the local language, as well languages other than English and have helped North Americans, Europeans and others relocate, tour and volunteer with few problems in my wonderful and still a bit wild and wooly Central American Region (does not include Costa Rica nor Panama)

D. Bloom
Ex Pat
El Salvador. 15 years + 2 years in 1970s
Guatemala 9 years + 1 year in 1970s
Mexico City 1 year
Nicaragua 5 months
Costa Rica 3 months (too much for me!) + 2 months in 1970s..
Panama was pristine then!

Web Article:


ALL countries, today in 2010 worldwide have security issues! Use common sense when traveling around.

El Salvador recently was nominated by Lonely Planet as one of Top Ten
Countries to Visit in 2010.
Click on:

Some people are just getting tired of the "Costa Rica and other
popular destination Ex Pat rat race." I am a non conformist and off the beaten path guide catering to Independent, free thinking persons, proactive, wishing travel or volunteer in the Central American Region or make the transition from wannabe to really be Ex Pat.

Most often, many of my clients have helped me more than I have helped them!

"Come as a client and leave as a friend"

"Humility is not groveling, humility is being teachable"

Yo hablo español
some Portuguese
po polsku
even some Yiddish!, etc.

I am not simply an "American" residing overseas many years, I am a multi lingual, multi cultural Cosmopolitan.

saludos, best wishes, ciao, tchau, widersehen, do widzenia.

"All the information you require to travel to El Salvador & Central
America" Just ask.
Advice is cheap.

Showing up is 80% of Life.

Thank you so much for this info. Reading your blog was very informative and helpful

I really like your style, M. Bloom! 

Kind of like you, I can't stand this (US) anymore but unlike you (Donald Trump) I am not well heeled for moving out of the country.  Can you tell me in general (I'll do my research) how much it costs for a single woman to live in ES, including any $$ requirements for residency, please?  Also, with your extensive experience in mind, what do you think about the quality of life and comfort a miniature poodle might have in El Salvador?  I understand it might be too hot and humid for him in Nicaragua. 

Thanks for any info you are willing to give me that points me in a new direction (Ecuador, strike one.  Nicaragua, strike two ... El Sal?)



Hi my name is Don. I'm planning on getting my residency here. Before you come: 1. Decide which residency you want. There are many. Me F7. Pensioners. 2. Bring with you the appropriate documents that have been apostille. All residences require a background check. I received mine from my the Maine State Police. This document has to be apostille. Another state agency. Documents without it are not accepted. Next for me is proof of income. Statement from Social Security that that also needs an apostille. I did not receive this before I left now I have to do that from here!!! With the right documents you then need to find an attorney here. Hope this helps. [link moderated] My best, Don

@stanleecee Hello, Because of the recent developments here El Salvador will be the most prosperous country south of the US. President Bukele has just announced the END of all Income Tax, Property Tax and technological investment tax ❗️The climate is like central Florida without the afternoon showers Hot and humid. Must have ac. You can do it. Please learn from my mistakes. My email: *** my best Don

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Not true! Must wait for citizenship not residency.

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