Music in El Salvador


Music is said to be a universal language. Indeed it helps to discover and better understand the culture of a country.

What are the most popular music genres in El Salvador? How about traditional music and instruments?

Who are the local artists you would recommend?

Where can you listen to them: are there any concerts or music festival held regularly?

Thank you in advance for participating,


I enjoy greatly the music there the mariachi's and then there is Max my Fav that hangs at Cafe Don Pedro, Roosevelt,
lots of great local bands and I have seen many concerts of international musicians that have passed thru,

Google or do a FB search for Orquestra Sangre Morena (led by Miguel Guillen), they'll get you on the dance floor every time! from cumbia, to salsa, merengue to disco, these cats travel internationally & are a deal domestically. Last time we caught them at a nice beach resort (@La Libertad) dancing to the variety of beats & night breeze...