Hi! Moving to a house on the beach.

I have been fortunate enough to find a lovely beach home, which I purchased privately in 2015, near Acajutla at Barra Salada.   I have been to the house twice since purchasing and the last time I rented a car and did a fair amount of driving in the area.  I must confess I avoided San Salvador driving as I didn't want to be too adventurous.  I visited El Salvador in 2012 and 2014 on Rotary humanitarian projects and fell in love with the people and the country.   Right now I am living in Canada, but I am making plans to retire to E.S. in the future.  I am working on renovations and updates to the rancho.  I do not speak Spanish however I was put in contact with a lovely translator who comes to live with me when I am in residence.    She works at teaching me too.  We shop quite frequently in Sonsanate and I do banking etc there.    I have a caretaker for my property and he and his wife are great to have on site - they have their own home on the grounds.   I had contemplated offering the house for rent however I have some minor concerns about the neighbourhood so that plan has gone to the back burner.   I have a nice beachfront but it is not suitable for swimming the waves are incredible and dangerous in front of my house.  Swimming can happen up or down the beach from house.

Good for you. My husband currently resides in El Salvador while I am in process of immigration for him to come to the US. I've been to E.S. a few times to visit him and we were even married down there. During one of my visits, I saw many beach homes for sale. I would like to find out more of the process you went through to obtain your property since I too would like to have a vacation or retirement place to go.
I loved the coastal areas yet have no desire to be near San Salvador and it's chaos.
Was it difficult to get a loan for your place since you are foreign to Central America?
I'm sure Canada is less of a hassle than USA for rules, taxes, etc when it comes to obtaining foreign property and bank business.
Thanks ang best of luck!  Sally