Canadian considering moving to ES if bf does not get permanent res

I am in a romantic relationship with a man from El Salvador who is in Canada on a work permit. If he does not get his permanent residency for Canada, I would be willing to go to El Salvador with him.I barely speak Spanish but would like to learn it because it would also be nice to understand his parents. I am residing in Red Deer, Alberta.

I have a few questions

1. The place I would most likely stay is in Santa Tecla.Is Santa Tecla a safe place for a blonde haired caucasion Canadian woman to stay? I ask this guestion because on the government of Canada website in the foreign affairs section, it indicates that there is a fair bit of carjackings, larceny, and kidnappings with respect to foreigners. My bf's family resides in Santa Tecla.

2. I have a 2 year college diploma. It is a legal assistant/Paralegal diploma from Red Deer College. What kind of work would I get and is it transferable and valid in El Salvador?

Hey Red Deer, Santa Tecla is generally safe although there are some areas that are better/safer than others. You probably won't be doing much walking around anyways so you shouldn't be in much danger. As for working as a legal assistant/paralegal, this may be difficult since they have a completely different legal system. On the other hand, if you can get your cert to be an immigration consultant, you could probably find a good job and do quite well (or even start your own business).

I am an ex pat US Citizen total 18 years El Sal., 9 years in Guatemala. I have many friends in Santa Tecla, many of them are working and middle class Salvadorans who live in gated communities (all Salvadorans usually, sometimes an ex pat or two, or one of the nicer Colonias like Col. Utila not far from Plaza Merliot have to go visit first and get the feel of it, at least 2 weeks before you decide to move, lock, stock and barrel. Lke NYC and Philly, San Salvador Metro Area (2.6 million people, stressful, lot of traffic, crazy drivers, lots of buses, diesel fumes, don't walk alone anywhere out late nights)is checkerboard, one block nice and clean, two blocks down the bad guys drinkin beer in front of tienda, harrasing women. was in Santa Tecla today.
No, your degree is not valid in El Salvador, you are not able to work full time in Call Centers without residency/work permit...500-700 US a month. Teaching English part time in a local academy, about 5 US a class hour your best option, salaries low in ES, prices high!!! As a tourist you get 90 days in country, no visa required at end of 90 days you need to leave Central America 4 (ES, Guatemala, Honduras and Nica) and go by land to CR, Mexico or Belize or fly home and visit family if you wish..expensive..after 72 return and get another 90 days, many teachers from States, Canada and Europe in C.A. do this. Contact me before your arrival by message I can point you in right direction. Best of luck, eh? (I also lived a while in Canada).
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Of course, there exist serious security issues for those traveling
alone in many parts of Latin

America so be aware, never paranoid, use common
sense. Stick with family and friends, never divulge to strangers where you live nor your itinerary.

The more Spanish you know, the easier AND less expensive your journey

Advice is cheap..el aviso sale barato
Experience is priceless..el experencia real no tiene ningun precio

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