Doing business in El Salvador


are foreign investors welcome in El Salvador?

Is it complicated to register a company in El Salvador? What is the procedure?

What is the corporate tax rate in El Salvador?

Is it easy to recruit?

Any advice you would share with us?

Thank you very much for your participation,


I moved there in 1993, put in the first factory in a Zona Franca after the peace accords were signed . Doing business in latin countries being A GRINGO from USA is a beat and tests  your patience, as common sense is not common in latinolandia, However I will say THEE best investment in the world is in ES and Guatemala , despite all else. It can be worth it and there is ;lots of potential. I am also involved with the MCC funds in ES  277 Million, and was at the Foro in 12-2013. Food, aquaculture is tops. Ask me. I return soon.