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Hi all
Do you remember in 2014 we all were doing countdown for 1 million members in this site,that time all the forums were lively but today it's very less replies for any new topic ,shall we make again happening to all the forums if yes then how?

Any forums or online groups seem to go through a natural life cycle, and seem to decline in activity at some point.  Why that is really isn't clear to me, but it's possible to notice some patterns, and speculate about it.  I've seen it happen in other expat groups, or in groups related to other subjects I've kept up with, IT related subjects and tea.  Related to this observation the Thai sub-forum has been a bit quiet for the past couple of years, even though new members keep joining, and the same basic questions come up every month or two (how do I move there).

It seems common for members to leave some types of groups faster than they join, and over the long term that would lead to an end.  It seems possible to offset this by having a core group stay active, or in some cases for a general level of activity to remain high, for lots of members to stay active, or for interest turnover to not matter.  It doesn't seem simple for a multi-sectioned forum like this to retain core groups across all the parts.  It doesn't seem like a resolution to structure an environment to be open to conversation, or for a general theme to be popular and for that draw to retain participants.  The original tie-in with blogging was unique and interesting but that didn't seem to help much either.

I appreciate your concerns and agree with you to some extent ,let the technical team and other members will think and definetly it will become better and better

I think the idea of using general conversation starter questions is promising (most recently about traffic issues).  Seen one way it's a fill - in for more organic conversation but seen another it's a good way to draw on the experience of active members and create useful reference threads.  It might work to create a new position in addition to admin to serve as a conversation initiator.  Or maybe to some extent that's what I'm already talking about, what is occurring now, but based on voluntary local roles.  One local forum here (in Thailand) uses local news headline citations for this purpose, but as long as  the topics worked the source and theme wouldn't matter.

Don't worry dear I have seen the forum very active like happening and I am sure it will resume back in the same way it was before,try to participate in more topics and give your advise and experience which will be always helpful to us

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