Leaving Saudi Arabia with Final exit Visa via Causeway to Baharain

Dear All ,
Good day.

Please note that I am an Indian national &  going on final exit from Saudi Arabia.

Please advise if I can leave Saudi Arabia with Final exit visa via Causeway to Bahrain (Holding valid Bahrain Visa ).  Can I use Causeway Road by Taxi or SAPTCO BUS  to leave the country ??

Or Should I fly from Dammam airport to Bahrain by flight ?

Is there any specific rules and regulation by Saudi Immigration to choose any specific route while going final exit ??

Thank you all in advance for your kind assistance to share your valuable input.

Final exit - means leaving Saudi borders and has got nothing to do with which country you want to visit as long as you have the prerequisite documents/ visa etc to visit that country !!

you may need a visa to enter Bahrain. You may not be entitled for a 2 weeks Bahrain visit visa from causeway, after your saudi visa is cancelled.

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