Do and don't in Guyana

Are you living in Guyana? We need you to share your experience of the local customs :)

Is it difficult to adjust to the local customs in Guyana?

Could you please share with us a list of the do's and don't's in Guyana?


HI Im looking for info about working in the IT industry in Georgetown, I live in Notting Hill London UK, and have ambitions to work as a Web Developer in Guyana

I too, Help me this page not me guide in nothing!

The IT industry is very small in Guyana, it is dominated by a few players, Companies are now starting to put their pages online, but due to the lack of local e-commerce, very few companied invest in web pages. There is a great potential in this area, for a poor country, Guyana is very tech savvy, a large percentage of young people are online. One of the problems is that business see no point in investing in an internet site and if so it will be for informational purpose only, also in Guyana every wants everything for free.  One of the main site designers is called red spider,  who does  a good job.  , there is room i think in this market place for more web designers in Guyana. It is an up and coming industry and as its just starting it would be a good time to enter this market.

Thanks for the informations!