How to move to Guyana?

Hi, is it possible just to enter to Guyana, buy land and start living? What do I do after 90 days entry stamp expires? Should I make extension in capital every time? Or visa run? Do I need to have a return tickets even if I'm not going to return?

Here's a list of countries for which Guyana does NOT require a visa.  All others must obtain one: … countries/

This site is oriented towards tourism in Guyana:

This site gives more info about moving to Guyana to live with at least one link to an official Guyana site: … g-to-short

@OsageArcher yes I don't need visa to Guyana, I can enter 90 days without visa, but I don't understand what happens next.

No, it is not possible to simply enter Guyana, buy land, and start living there without going through the necessary legal processes and obtaining the required permits and approvals from the Guyanese government. Like many countries, Guyana has specific laws and regulations regarding land ownership and immigration that must be followed.