5 good reasons for living in Guyana


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Guyana, what would be your top 5?

Thanks in advance for participating,


Well Julien, the answer to that would be world peace...no wait a minute. Just kidding:-)

One - Cost of living is reasonable. Rent equates to 1/5th of what I usually pay. Food is extremely cheap if I cook at home (Fresh seafood and vegetables cannot be beat).

Two - Touring the Rainforest, interior, city, and neighbouring countries would be a lot easier and cheaper while living here.

Three - Warmth of the people and the place.

Four - Oasis cafe. A fantastic place to recharge when one is culturally overwhelmed.

Five - Cheap entertainment and leaning in the form of making new friends, banks beer, swimming holes, movies only available on my laptop, and the many, many national holidays.