Looking for rental accommodation

Hi- I will be arriving to Guyana in the 1st week or May 2021 and looking for a place to rent for 6months to 1 year.
Can anyone guide me where to look or if anyone has any recommendations will appreciate.

hi, what is your budget, what amenities are you looking for as far as Furnished or Unfurnished, how many bedrooms etc. these things people need to know.

Dr. Golden

Thanks for the reply, I am looking for a 1 bedroom, furnished, up to 1100USD after settling into the country I could look for something bigger like a 2 bedroom.

I will check around for you.

Dr. Golden

Thank You Dr. Golden, this will be my 4th time as an Expat but 1st time to both visit and work in South America, looking forward to the opportunity as well as meeting new people and experiences.
Much obliged,

Hi good day.

Please send me your email address and I would send you my available listings.

Thanks much


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Hi All,
I am thing of moving to Guyana, and curious about available, cheap rentals. I don't need big. or fancy, and my price range is US $500 or less. I want at least a one bedroom furnished apartment.

OOPS, Had a change of plans. I am arriving on June 29, and hope I can find a place after a week or so.

Hi Looking for a one bedroomed accomodation in Guyana on the East Coast. From 26th Of February for 3 months. Furnished and with internet included.