Looking for a Job in Seoul..

Hi! im looking for a job in Seoul, so if you have any idea,any contact, any help, any clue, ... etc, please, I really wanna go there!!!
I have a Economics degree, an International Business Post degree and a MBE course in Australi. Also 4 years of experiences as consultant.
Althought, i can do other activities, other tasks, etc, like teaching spanish or others..
I am looking for new experiences, new challenges and i think this is the time. I been in Seoul for a couple of times, and i want to have the chance to work in there.
So please If you know how, what, ... any!! just tell me!!!
thanks a lot!!

Hi and welcome on board CCU :)

Your message is now on the Seoul forum for better visibility though i would suggest you to post an advert in the jobs section of Seoul classifieds. Hope it will help ;)

Good luck

HI, great great!
I think there are so many diverse way to get a job in Seoul, especially if you are interested to become ESL teacher.

and, I think there are some websites for some job info.

or Idealist

I think Idealist is good for getting everything: internship, volunteer, and job.
I hope it helped you!

Diana Shin

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