Spanish teaching in Korea?

Hi! I am from Peru and I speak Spanish; I was looking for the posibility to teach Spanish in Korea. I have a teaching certification. Could this be possible? I found a website, but everything was in Korean. Please email me if you have any information. Thank you!

hi im from spain and im going korea in few days and i would like to find a job while i stay there i can teach spanish and frensh if somone know some information about this please let me know,thank you everyone

Hi, I'm a foreigner who's living in Busan, and I'm desperately seeking a Catholic Mass in Spanish.  Please tell me where one is available.  I found one in Seoul, but not here.    Please help.


Anyone interested in traslating Eng to Spanish?
We are looking for a Christian translator both full and part-time.  We are one of major Christian publications here in Seoul.
If you are interested in, please, write us or send your resume to rights[at]


Hi Duranno,

You should post your advert under Seoul classifieds > job section.

Thank you and good luck

Hi, I'm a Spanish professor. How can I help you?

Hello oscar1986,

Welcome to :)

Thanks for offering your help even if those having participated to this thread are no longer active since 10 years ago.

If you do offer Spanish language classes, I would highly advise you to post a free advert in the dedicated section, instead: Language classes in Seoul.

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