Accommodation in Seoul

Accommodation in Seoul
Updated 2019-10-04 14:28

Seoul has become one of the most popular destinations in South Korea but finding a home in this city is not an easy task. You will need sufficient funds and a lot of patience before finding the type of accommodation that suits you best. Note that housing in Seoul is significantly more expensive than in other South Korean cities. Nevertheless, there are a variety of affordable housing types if you choose the right neighbourhood.

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The Seoul Capital Area (including Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi-do Province) is home to around half of the 51 million people living in South Korea and counts over 670,000 foreign residents.

Types of accommodation

You can choose among houses, apartments and houses with maintenance facilities. You will also find studios in academic and business districts, as well as 'officetels' which are combinations of office and residential spaces. These are generally more modern than studios and offer more comfortable amenities, such as furniture and appliances.

Neighbourhoods in Seoul

Expats in Seoul have settled in a variety of neighbourhoods, most of which are located around the city centre. The most popular neighbourhoods in Seoul are the UN Village, Hannam-Dong, Dong-Dongbinggo, Seobinggo-Dong, Itaewon, Yonhee-Dong, Seongbuk-Dong, and Pyeongchang-Dong. In the South, you will find Gangnam, Bangbae Dong, and the Olympic Family Town and the Olympic Park, both of which have been built for families of athletes.

The UN Village is considered to be one of Seoul's safest neighbourhoods as police patrols are regularly held. In Itaewon, you will mostly find small apartments, while townhouses and individual houses are generally available in Yonhee-Dong. European-style apartments and houses are mainly found in Bangbae-Dong.

Housing prices

If you are staying in Seoul for a short period of time, renting a hotel room is often the most convenient option. For a comfortable and spacious room, you will need 300,000 Won per day and about 200,000 Won per day for an average room in Seoul.

If you are planning to stay longer, you will need an average of 700,000 Won per month for a studio, around 1.2 million won monthly for a two-bedroom apartment and more than 3.5 million won per month for a three-bedroom apartment in Seoul.

To rent a bigger apartment or a house, you will need at least one million Won per month. Prices may even reach up to 10 million Won according to the neighborhood and comfort level.

Find accommodation in Seoul

To find accommodation in Seoul, check classified ads in local newspapers or real estate websites. You can also hire a real estate agent who can find the most suitable type of accommodation for you depending on your preferences and budget. Word-of-mouth can also help if you have friends or relatives in Seoul. Many employers provide housing for their employees for free or a small fee.

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