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Hi,To be short on my topic, i really want to move to Korea to find a job... But I got no tracks, no experience there so I would ask for help in this way. Im graduated in law school with a master degree. Maybe it could help for who knows...
If you can help or give me advices, it would be a chance for me.
Waiting to hearing from you soon.

Welcome on board menardrobin ;)

Thanks Yud.
Is there someone who can help me in my purpose to live in Korea.
If I go tomorrow there, do I have a chance to find a job easyly ?

Hi Menar :)
Do you have a chance to find a job ???
well, it's already not easy for the korean people to find a job so for foreigner is not at all easy. except if you are american, canadian, australian, etc... native english speaker !!! so you can easily teach english in a school there.
that you have a master degree it's a good thing but still not easy.
as a nurse i tried during 2 years, finally got friends and family in law to help me but even as volunteer i couldn't work...
but at least try !! there are plenty of websites for "looking job korea" make a profile, put your cv and wait...
did you ever visit there ? know something about there ?

actually... Never been there but I spent long time with korean community while I was living in Vietnam. Funny people who gave me the taste of hangeul, kimchi and company !!
Anyway, I understand that it isnt easy to find a job. But I will try for sure and prepare my trip there.
Thanks for your answer, advices... And of course, happy new year to you Cincent !
cheers up !

Hello everyone here,

Im Emily from HCM city.Im also looking for a job in Korea .I can speak english&Korean well.
As not easy like you,guys have passport from America,UK,Paris..easily to enter to Korea.It's pretty hard for me from HCM city-Vietnam.

If you,guys know any website,job information who needed staff can speak english,korean.
Please give me some advise!

Many thanks.

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