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Hello, i live in korea and i can teach french! I live in Seoul near COEX station ligne 2.

If you are interesting about learn french, contact me ^^

A bientot!

Hi Parisjetaime!

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You should also consult Seoul classifieds and repost your message there (Category- Classes- Language)


Hello Parisjetaime!

Je suis très intéressée, je t'ai envoyé un message en PV. En espérant avoir de tes nouvelles ;-)

Bonjour, Comment vas-tu?
je suis étudiant qui étudie français.

I am originally from Korea, but I am almost time staying in America.
and, For this Summer, I am going to stay in Seoul for three months and go back to America.

I am very interested to learn French, learning French with using Rosseta Stone.
and, I think it will be great for me if we can talk more about France and French.

Have a good day !


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wants to learn French

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