looking for fashion designer internship in Seoul

I'm an italian girl graduated in fashion designer and I'm searching for an interniship in Seoul.
I'm also studing korean language hope can help a little bit.
any tip is welcome  :)

Hi Babi84,

Welcome on board  :)

I suggest you go through the Internship in South Korea section of the Expat Guide so that you have some useful infos.

You may even drop your own advert in the Internship offers in Seoul section of the website.

Why not do some research and send your cv to the designers already there : http://www.timeout.com/seoul/shopping/b … s-in-seoul

All the best

Oh Thank you so much Bhavna ^^

Well, I know that Samsung Art and Design Institute has a department for fashion design, although you have to study again but at the end they provide internships as well.

You could also try connecting to designers as  Bhavna said here and on linked in if you have a profile there.

Good Luck :)

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