about moving to Seoul, child education and wife's possibility to work

Dear all

I need all your professional advice. I was offered to teach in a Seoul University and it sounds great. But my concern is about my child education and my wife's work opportunity.

Since we are foreigners, my son has to study in an international school in Seoul in which expensive. I do not have much income left when giving out this part. For my wife, she is an experienced fashion designer and also she has very good experience to conduct children play group and can speak good English.

May I know if she can work if her visa status is my dependent? Can she change when we are in Seoul or not?
Or can she now look for job via internet? But I think it is complicated if she looks for job now and apply for work visa. Am I right?

Please advise. I think it is good opportunity to explore and live in a different country and do not miss it.

Hi twd,

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Hope other members will be able to advice you.

Wishing you best of luck

Thank you Christine.

I hope somebody can give me a hint. Or do you know someone who has the same case as mine?

I'm not sure about your wife's visa, it's more clear and better to ask the immigration office. Um, regarding your kids' education. Actually i went to a normal korea schools though, i think international schools may serve a good environment for your childern to study.  Growing up in other countries sometimes makes your kids confused but it is an absolutely great opportunity to understand the country's culture and language. Well, my school(university) actually have a lot of scholarship programe for foreign students. i think you need to check about scholarship or supporting of government. Plus, i still don't know your wife's visia but quite many foreigners are living with teaching their own language to Korean people. hehe:)

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