Indonesian looking for job in Korea

Hi guys! I am Indonesian who looks for a job in Korea but i do not have any contact from there. Can anyone share information about jobs that require an Indonesian language or English in South Korea? I would be so thankful :D

What kind of visa do you have? Are you in Korea now?

Hi Stevanootto,

I used to work as an HR professional mainly in recruiting in Korea and now am running a related service for talents who are outside of Korea or foreigners living in Korea :) Please check my profile and let me know more details about your profession. Hope I can help any.

Thank you :)

Hello. I have interest to work in korea. Can you help me?

Hi Parkyan2

I am also an Indonesian looking for jobs in South Korea, and would greatly appreciate if you can help for any information related to it.

I have basic skill in Korean Language and I also have 10 years experiences in secretarial, administrative and general affair works.

Thanks in advance. 😄

I interesting to working again in korea. i have been 10 years experience work in korea. so i hope you can help me to apply a job in korea. thank you.

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