Hi expat in Korea

Hi my name is Ka Wee. currently looking for a opportunity to work in korea and google brought me here.

Im here looking for some bit of sense about Korean lifestyle, the work culture, the people. also how could i possibly get a job in korea. preferably in brand/market intelligence sector.

Last, nice to see all of you here, hope you guys enjoy your life in korea so far.

You may reach me at leekawee87[at]yahoo.com

Ka Wee

Hello Ka Wee.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

Concerning the work search, maybe you could post an advert in the Jobs in Seoul section. It can be useful.

If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

Thank you,

Hi Aurelie,

Thanks for the guidance. However, I am still exploring the opportunity available in Korea.

Before I make any decision, I would like to know more about Korea, the culture and on what circumstances they would consider hiring an expat.

What are the skills one must equipped with and what kind of challenge we will face.

Knowing most of the expat were in teaching industry, what about the chances to secure job in market research/intelligence or branding in Korea?

Ka Wee

Petaling Jaya, that's in Kuala Lumpur isn't it?
There's lots of work here but if you're wanting to be in something specialized then you'll need to brush up on your Korean. Expats are employed in many industries however most are represented in education and engineering related jobs. Have a look at website www.korea4expats.com

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