Moving to Seoul to Teach English in Mid Februry

Hello! I am moving to Seoul from Chicago in about 3 weeks.  I wanted to see if anyone had any tips/suggestions on what I should bring or just on life in Seoul in general before I get over there.  I am living and teaching English in Seodaemungu for GDA Junior.  Does anyone have experience living in this area or working with GDA?

Also I am meeting with the Korean consulate for my final interview.  What type of questions should I expect in this interview.

Thanks!  Can't wait to get over there!

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    My name is Ben Montgomery I'm a Brit, doing a very similiar thing to you, I am TEFL teaching in Seoul in March. I would be happy to speak to you about tefl teaching, although I'm probably not the most experienced person to talk to. I am teaching 3-5 for the first time!:D. I am a recent graduate and am going to be living in Korea for a year, So I thought I would say hey. I would love to discuss what you find good in Korea and how you have got on with the teaching so far, and maybe meet up in Korea.
Anyway all the best
Ben Montgomery:)

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