Italian (native) or English teaching in Seoul


my dreamland is South Korea and I'd LOVE to work there as a teacher; I have emailed many recruiters but they only look for native english speaker and to find an italian teaching job is like impossible!

Anyone could help me? I have a bachelor in foreign languages (major in English).

I want to start in fall.. (october), it's really important for me so I hope someone could help me!

Thank you,


hi nadia
if u dont found recruiter in korea try japan there is more chance to have recruiter job there
and  in korea there is a black job as teacher but there is high risk that u will be  not paid good and may be harrasing by korean boss specially with u as u are very beautiful
bonne chance

kbsaaaa thank you for your answer,

I need to go to Korea, I want to live there, of course I love Japan as well but I think that Korea is my "dream land" and I can't give up on it so easily :)

I hope to find a kind boss to hire me because it's really important to me!

ps: Anyone knows a school/university with italian classes? Maybe I could email them and try to get an italian teaching job, who knows...

thanks again,


ps(2): thank you for saying I'm beautiful :)

Hi Hisami,

Welcome to Expat-blog :)

Your post is now in the Seoul forum :) 

You should try to post an advert or your resume in the Language teacher jobs in South Korea sections :)

Hope this might help you out

Best of luck

Thank you

Maximilien Team

Thank you Maximilien17,

I already posted my advert ^_^

Fingers crossed!




Did you have any luck? I was looking into it as well but found it near impossible for both South Korea and Japan.

Korea only hires North Americans and Canadians, native and with a degree from their country.

Japan the same but accepts teachers form other English speaking countries as well, not clear if native but surely a degree from one of those countries.

I'm native in Italian/Spanish and moved to England years ago and got a degree in London and still impossible to teach small kids some English basics.

Good luck.

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