Unusual situation with work permit and karta pobytu


I have an really unusual situation. And i'm looking for some information about it.

Situation is like this:

I had a 1 year karta pobytu. And i was working in a company. No work permit at the beginning. I could just work with karta pobytu.

1 month before the card expires I applied for new karta pobytu, as well as a work permit.
So my application is in progress for about 1,5 month now. No letter to get the stamp on passport.
But last week, i got fired from my job.

So here it gets interesting. I don't know what will happen to my current application in progress. I guess company will notify Urzad Wojewodzki about me getting fired. Maybe not..

So my question is, can I be hired by another company now? They will apply for new work permit. And can I stay here legally in this time?

Thank you in advance for the answers!


Firs of all what do you mean by that you could work just on residence card? It's unusual. Unless you are a graduate of some Polish university or have other status that doesn't require work permit from you.

Now, the situation you described:  yes at an early stage it could be changed in the application. So if you find another employer, the employer should add/update all the information about them to your case.
If you haven't recieved a letter informing about the starting of the procedure it means that it'll take more time simply - the district office is very, very overloaded now. 2 or 3 months to start the procedure in some cases...
Did you leave your fingerprints scans when submitting application?

I had a karta pobytu because i was a student. And in back side of the card it says i can work. So thats how. But now i'm no longer a student. Dropped the studies.

I didn't get any letter. No letter for getting the stamp on passport.

And yeah i gave fingerprints while I was submitting the documents.

OK, regarding to your reply the question is, can a company hire me legally while i have an application for karta pobytu and work permit, in progress.

Thank you.

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Ok, it's clearer now.
So your application should be formally correct and your stay is legal for as long as the procedure takes. But not work - you cannot work before the decision is issued and they cannot legally hire you.
You should get this letter informing about starting the procedure, there will be case number and assigned officer.

Best of luck



The best for you will be to find another job, hence new employer can apply for work permit and based on work permit you will be able to get the residence card.
You can stay in Poland as long as you do not receive negative decision and case is in progress. If there was aplication for the work permit done by previous employer, it should be expected that they would inform Urząd about it.


I do have a very similar situation with you, did you receive a decision lately? if yes what was the decision of your residency?