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Hello, My name is Alex Anayasan, Filipino, and I need advice, I am currently living and working in Suszec, I applied for TRC last Feb. 24, 2023, and waiting for the decision (I just had my biometrics last Jan. 17, 2024) But an emergency came, I had to go to Canada on a visit visa to take care of my brother who had an episode of heart attack. My question is… is it okay to exit Poland for good without the TRC? Will there be any documents needed to show to the immigration officer at the airport? Thank you very much and I hope to have a reply God bless

Hello Alex Anayasan,

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I am sad to hear about your brother's situation. Let's hope someone in this forum can offer some helpful insights.

Have you considered reaching out to the relevant office for assistance? Contacting them directly might provide you with more information.

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@Alex Anayasan  I'm sorry to hear about your brother.

From my experience, I  didn't have any problems leaving Poland.  When I was returning, they did ask me if I had the temp residency card.  And I would let them know why I was returning to Poland.

But, I never had problems leaving. I  hope this is helpful.


i tried to call different offices but they dont understand english. once I ask for english assistance they automatically drop the call. 🥲.


thank you for the info mam.


do you have the same problem as mine mam? you are too waiting for the decision of your TRC when you departed Poland?

@Alex Anayasan I'm not currently waiting for my temp residency card. But, I did have to leave Poland a few times due to a family emergency before I received my card a year ago.