Working while waiting for Residence Card

I recently applied for the temporary residence permit with the reason of partnership with my girlfriend, and that residence permit won't be providing the work permit to me as far as I know.

My question is, after my passport will be stamped by the visa office (I only submitted my papers yet and waiting for them to invite me for fingerprint and passport stamp), If a company offers me a job, would it be possible for me to work for that company only with a passport stamp, if they apply and provide a work permit for me? Or should I wait until my residence card application will be completed and receive my residence card? (which can be very long time these days)

Thanks for the help.


Absolutely not. You can't work legally without a work permit if you are a citizen of a countyry outside of the EU.

I am in the same situation, but I am a full time student in Poland. As far I know, I can work without the permit as a student.
However, I still waiting for karta pobytu and I only have the stamp.

Is it the same situation for me?