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Hello good people!

A few weekends ago I ended up in a Krakow nightclub. When I tried to process a card payment, the staff claimed that the something went wrong in the payment process. Also the machine indicated this, as well did I get a SMS message from my bank that they suspected an unauthorized attempt - which strengthen my trust in the staff actually telling the truth. We tried multiple times, both by changing credit card, moving closer to the terminal reception area, another terminal etc. without any success. I gave up and went to an ATM and picked up cash after a while.

When I checked my credit card statement it emerged that a lot of transactions actually had been processed and I believe it is a scam rather than a matter of a technical error. I am unable to find the contact information to make an agreement with the club directly and my bank has requested me to attempt this before they can initiate a refund process.

Does anyone have an idea about how I can find  company contact information in Poland, preferably per e-mail? The transaction details shows the great name "Proassess 2art".

Many thanks in advance for any type of support.


Hi, experienced the same last Thursday 15th of November.

...Any success with the contact data of Proassess 2Art Krakow?

Cheers, Best...

Same thing, they charged my card 10 times more.
I didn't sign the receipt or had to give my PIN.

My credit card company say I need to contact them and file a police report.

Any luck contacting them or getting your money back?

Assman87 wrote:

nightclub - card payment,

Doesn't matter where in the world you are - pay cash at places like that

Other than that, it's back to the club for a likely argument and a visit to the police, then hope your card company are good and will agree the mass payments are clearly an error of whatever sort.

Hi, do you remember the name of this nightclub?

lillina2 wrote:

Hi, do you remember the name of this nightclub?

The place can't be named on the open forums as that could be seen as defamation.
PM is fine.