How to get "karta pobytu " (TRP) decision letter ?

I have applied for karta pobytu 5 months back, after giving all those missing documents and explanation when they asked. Now in their website it is shown that DECYZJA ZOSTAŁA WYDANA. OCZEKUJ NA KOMUNIKAT SMS W SPRAWIE ODBIORU.But I never got this sms yet. It is been two weeks I have not idea how it the process going on.

My visa is already expired ( Got special stamp on passport), Now I have a emergency at home (India). Which forces me to leave to there. I heard that there is a possibility to get visa from home country if I show them the Karta pobytu decision letter in embassy.   

How can I get this decision letter as soon as possible ? Is there any legal way that I can approach ?

The decision should be available by now so just go there to collect it.

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